Friday, September 11, 2009

Leading by Partnering

Dr. Christopher Clouet, White Plains new Superintendent of Schools, and Adam Bradley, New York State Assemblyman for the 89th District, and White Plains mayoral candidate, were the guest speakers at the September 2009 WPCNA meeting, the second in a series on Leadership in Governance.

Both Christopher Clouetmen are acknowledged leaders in their Adam Bradleyfields.   Dr. Clouet (left) is credited with helping to turn around a difficult New London, CT district with a large immigrant population and a small budget.  Mr. Bradley has a distinguished record in the Assembly, having authored significant legislation in a diversity of areas, from healthcare to environment to family.


Dr. Clouet, talking about Leadership in Education, and Mr. Bradley about Leadership in Legislation, both talked about themselves not as leaders – which entails followers – but as partners.  Clouet, who was accompanied to the meeting by Donna McLaughlin, President of the Board of Education, and Kerry Broderick, President of the White Plains Teachers Association, said his success in White Plains will depend on his ability to create partnerships within his administration, with teachers, with community leaders, with parents, and, of course, with students. Obviously, Dr. Clouet has made a good start!


Young woman listening intently.Mr. Bradley said his success as a leading New York State Assemblyman stemmed in large measure from bipartisanship, which he characterized as collegial, even genial, discourse between legislators on different sides of the aisle or different sides of an issue.  He believes a good leader is a good listener, willing to examine and be nurtured by divergent opinions.  If elected Mayor, he envisions an administration of inclusion and openness to people and positions.

Clouet and Bradley, who obviously like and respect each other, spoke about working together for a better White Plains.  Even in these difficult and troubled times, much good could come from leaders who seek partners, not followers.

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