Tuesday, October 21, 2008

WPCNA Hosts City Hall

The October WPCNA general meeting marked another milestone in the rebirth of WPCNA as a viable and respected community resource.

Our guests for a meeting that cheerfully went overtime were White Plains Mayor Joseph Delfino and members of his administration, including the Commissioners of Budget, Finance, Planning, Public Works, Traffic and the City Assessor.

A "town hall" format was adopted, with Co-President Candyce Corcoran reading questions prepared in advance, getting detailed and informative answers from the Mayor and the Commissioners, and moderating follow-up from the floor.

The Mayor and staff addressed questions about housing violations, including illegal occupancy, impact of the current economic crisis on the City, flooding problems after heavy rains, tax certiorari claims, composting, recycling and DEC testing at the Gedney Recycling Yard, traffic problems, including speeding and parking commercial vehicles overnight in residential neighborhoods, garbage collection, and other quality of life issues.

The give and take was lively and respectful right up to the closing minutes, when the Mayor good-humoredly sparred with two hecklers.

In closing remarks, Mayor Delfino invited every neighborhood association to take part in the ongoing series of personal meetings with him and his staff on issues specific to their neighborhoods, as well as on city-wide issues.

Read the WPCNA thank you note to Mayor Delfino sent by Co-President Corcoran.