Sunday, April 13, 2008

WPCNA Reaches Out

Kenneth Matinale wrote WPCNA recently, saying "Your organization is weighted to represent those who live in houses outside of downtown WP. You have FIVE member groups named Gedney, yet my condo, Jefferson Place, did not fit into any." Ken goes on to say "Most WP residents live downtown in apartments, yet your meetings are held in a place that is barely in WP."

Who Does WPCNA Represent?
Ken is right that the WPCNA map, which was drawn many years ago, doesn't show a high density of neighborhood associations in downtown White Plains. That's because, Jefferson Place, Trump Towers et al. didn't exist then, and the map needs to be redrawn -- which can't be accomplished until WPCNA reworks its quorum rules. But the map isn't the whole story. The active associations which comprise WPCNA aren't determined by the map, but by who actually shows up to represent their neighborhoods.

WPCNA Wants You!
Ken could make WPNCA more representative by encouraging the Board of his almost three-hundred unit condo, Jefferson Place, to send a delegate to WPCNA meetings. Or by forming a Jefferson Place Association and representing it at WPCNA meetings. WPCNA would be glad to have him. In fact, we'd be glad to have him pro se. WPCNA meetings are open to all White Plains residents. Several people attend regularly who are not association delegates. They can't vote, but they can and do speak up for their neighborhoods.

WPCNA Meeting Location
As a student of history, I am amused at Ken's equation of a meeting location with quality of representation. Where WPCNA meets reflects consideratons of cost, convenience, accomodations, and availability. Coincidentally, one of our Officers -- V.P. Tony Spinelli -- is actively seeking to take WPCNA meetings "on the road" so delegates can get to know more about White Plains' neighborhoods. There would be no reason not to meet at Jefferson Place, if its Board could offer a large enough meeting room and parking at no cost to WPCNA.

For the Record
Jefferson Place, where Ken lives, currently falls in the Downtown Association, whose meetings we're told Ken attends.